Welcome to Bullet 303 production we are a Mumbai based premier film productions house and are the creators and collaborators. A team bonded by passion with valuable experience making award-winning broadcast TV shows, documentaries, commercials and branded content. Our experienced and professional team will help bring your vision to life dream catching your every imagination, we will deliever creative, entertaining and engaging factor to your vision.

Wheather you need a corporate video, promotional video, we offer co-productions and structured financing. Whatever the platform, technology or audience; our ambition is the same. To craft+

clever ideas into something stunning that our clients love.

We take on your project with enthusiasm from pillar to post.

Our existing client and partner list is both long and prestigious, featuring the leading names from a wide range of industries including Bollywood studios and independent film making.

Mumbai is a global entertainment hub; where our dynamic production and research team support filmmakers from India or across the globe in the world of advertisement film making.

Whatever the platform, technology or audience; our ambition is the same. To craft clever ideas into something stunning that our clients will love. We transform imagination into a location. We create characters into a cast. Your capture your dreamscapes and transpire it into a set. We invest tight budgets into winning bids. We mastermind ideas into deadlines. We revolutionize your vision into reality.

Chances are you’ve already enjoyed something we’ve made.

We won’t be making promises we can’t keep and with our hands-on approach and experience, we’ll push all the boundaries to give you what you’re after and deliver beyond expectations, We keep it real and work with whatever your budget and deadline. Your video production can be delivered across all platforms.

We’re solid and totally committed to making the production you imagined because that’s what great visions deserve (all the while making an enjoyable experience for everyone involved)

We understand the hard work that goes into coming up with your big idea and we’re aware of the care it takes to mould your dream into a vision. That’s why we don’t only live in a creative world of ideas; we also inhabit a world of bad-ass an dedication, tight deadlines, long hours, high expectations, and being absolutely passionate about delivering what you’ve envisioned from initial concept through to your final a high quality video production.

By now most of you know what India has to offer, We have the weather, the phenomenal locations, the talent pool and world-class crew.

With over 1 years of combined industry experience for many of the most creative production houses, agencies and clients in the industry, this is reason enough to choose us; but it’s more than just about cold credentials.

We’re as passionate about your ideas as you are and we’ll bust our chops to bring your film to life.